List of things I accomplished while Tumblr was down

1. Washed the dishes.
2. Picked up dog poop in the backyard.
3. Came up with my own version of the unified field theory.
4. Talked with my mom.
5. Had a lovely conversation with my wife.
6. Invented a cold fusion reactor.
7. Finished writing my crime fiction erotica autobiographical novel of epic proportions.
8. Fed the dog.
9. Clipped my toe nails.
10. Took a dump in the loo.
11. Took a nap.
12. Quit drinking.
13. Started smoking.
14. Cooked dinner.
15. Ate dinner.
16. Washed the dishes.

  1. franticallylost said: dammit! I should have picked up the dog poop too! Welp, you just helped me create a chore list for the boys tomorrow!
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